About Us


Langdon Equities is in the business of providing our clients the most insightful and comprehensive advice relating to their commercial real estate holdings.

Focusing on the financial structuring of each deal allows Langdon the ability to unlock additional value for our clients from each and every transaction, whether it be debt, equity or investment sales.

Using a network of Joint Venture equity partners and public/private owners of real estate allows Langdon to provide timely and concise advice to our clients.

Having clients based both domestically and abroad allows Langdon to provide advisory services on a wide variety of property types, with a majority of transactions occurring in North America and Europe.

Langdon Equities was created in order to provide discerning clients the top level guidance and services that can only be provided by hands-on client interaction.  At Langdon our clients have strategic goals for the future in which we are proud to play an integral role bringing to fruition.

Services across the full spectrum of commercial real estate include: Debt Advisory Services, Equity/JV Partnership Placement, Recapitalization Equity and Investment Sales.  Langdon also provides a whole host of advisory and consulting services relating to the purchase and/or restructuring of notes and entire project recapitalizations.  Langdon’s focus is providing our clients with the best advice and tools in order to succeed.  Simply put “Our success is measured by our Client’s success.”